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So, how do you know when it makes more sense to sell your property via auction? Let's take a look at some scenarios that illustrate the benefits of a

Has your property been sitting on the market with little interest for months? Discover what you can do about it.

Assumed value means nothing in real estate. As a leading real estate broker in Western Colorado, here's how I strategically price properties for top $

Land surveys are vital for real estate transactions, city planning, new construction, subdividing, and more.

To attract clients and stand out among the 22,000 Colorado real estate agents, a broker needs to establish a compelling personal brand.

One of the biggest mistakes a realtor can make is marketing a lifestyle property the same way that works for residential real estate.

Buying a Western Colorado hobby farm might be your ticket to self sustainability

Getting the best price for your property requires exposing it to more buyers.

Land can provide income opportunities that other real estate investments can't

In today's world, if your broker isn't active on social media...are they really doing the best job possible to market your property?

Pricing is the most important factor in getting the most money for your property.

Selling vs. Marketing--what's the difference and why is it important?

To buy or to build? This question has plagued house hunters since the dawn of the real estate industry.

Selling and Buying at the same time can be a delicate balancing act

Understanding the different types of property deeds most commonly used in Colorado Real Estate

United Country Real Estate Western Land & Lifestyle Properties Propels Market Growth in Western Colorado

Getting your listing on Page 1 of Google takes more time, knowledge and resources than you might imagine.

Don't start looking at real estate until you've completed these important steps.

Not all home improvements will pay you back as much as you'd think.

Video marketing is essential for reaching a larger audience for your listing

Find out what your broker specializes in before you hire them

Is it time for you to get out of the city for good?

Make sure you are not risking your business or your client's by not being properly certified and insured

Find out what "seasonal access" really means.

Let's clear up some confusion around some common real estate terms and industry jargon

Considerations before customizing your property to suit your specific lifestyle

Interactive mapping features and how it benefits property listings.