Tips for Listing Your Property on AirBnB

November 21, 2020

Considerations for earning additional income in the short-term rental market

One of the greatest advantages of the modern short-term rental market is that you can make money whether you have a separate property, a guest house, or a spare bedroom. If you create a listing with a solid description, beautiful photos, and a competitive price, you can easily make enough money to cover your mortgage payments and more.

Check out this luxury home with a guest house in Colorado, perfect for listing as a short-term rental.

21575 Highway 65-46.jpg

Check out this luxury home with a guest house in Colorado, perfect for listing as a short-term rental.


OR this hunting lodge consisting of 2 separate cabins located on a 40 acre National Forest inholding.

11309 Running Deer Road-42.jpg

OR this equestrian property with a 1-bedroom apartment located in the horse facility.

Here are a few tips to help your listing on Airbnb stand out:

Write an Accurate Description for Your Airbnb

Your summary should paint a clear picture of what guests can expect from your property. Misrepresenting a property’s features can lead to bad reviews and fewer bookings. While it’s important to use descriptive language and highlight your property’s best features, it’s also imperative that those who book show up to a property that resembles that in the description. 

As you write your description, focus on the aspects that make your property unique and charming. “Concrete flooring throughout, a huge galley style kitchen with a ton of natural light, dining area, living room and a custom bedroom wall…” Say someone is looking for a place they can cook. Highlighting the style and size of the kitchen could be what urges them to book your property. 

Take Quality Photos of Your Property for Listing on Short-Term Rental Sites

When you’re taking photos of your property to list on Airbnb or other short-term rental sites, you have to think like a real estate broker as opposed to a host. You’re trying to sell your property, and treating your listing photos as an advertisement ensures they look professional. 

Make sure your property is clean and arranged how it will be when the guests arrive. Take your photos in the daytime with plenty of natural light to make your place feel warm and welcoming. 

Your first five photos should showcase the best features and rooms in your property. Does your property have a hot tub, amazing mountain views, or custom decor? Take photos that show those details and place them first in your lineup. 

Create a Friendly Host Profile

Creating a friendly host profile is especially important if the property you are listing is in the same room or on the same land as your home. Show your personality by including your hobbies and interests in your bio. While people aren’t likely to care about your host profile for a quick one or two night stay, those who are booking for longer or for their family want to know that their host will be hospitable. 

Getting More Bookings for Your Airbnb

There are a number of reasons why your short-term rental might not be getting the traffic you expected. If you’re struggling to get bookings, here are a few ideas to spruce up your listing:

  • Expand your booking window beyond the busy season, to include weekdays, and holidays. The longer you can host people, the more likely they are to find your property when they filter by date. 

  • Encourage past guests to rebook by offering an incentive for loyalty or great reviews about their stay. 

  • Highlight that your property is available to book for longer stays. Some people book short-term rentals for small vacations, but some people might stay there for a month while they’re taking care of business or trying to find a place to live nearby. 

  • List your property for a specific, niche use. For example, designate your property as a hunting lodge, ski cabin, or artist escape.

Getting started in the short-term rental industry requires basic knowledge, and anyone with a little extra space can do it. When you’re ready to expand your short-term rental income, I can help you find a property that suits your listing needs.