Colorado Cabin Property Top 3 Considerations

August 10, 2020

Top 3 considerations when looking to purchase a Colorado cabin property.

How to Find the Ideal Colorado Cabin Property for Sale

“Cabin property” has different meanings to different people. The term cabin can range anywhere from Colorado elk hunting cabins with one room, a set of bunk beds, and a wood stove, to a log home with electricity running water for kitchen and nearly all the comforts of home. 

Many cabin communities in western Colorado run the gamut from rustic to luxurious. As an experienced broker, I have seen my fair share of Colorado mountain cabins. Here are a few considerations you should keep in mind when choosing your cabin property.

1. Seasonal access

If you’re going to visit your mountain cabin in the winter, make sure your snowmobiles are trailing right behind. Seasonal access is a common buying criterion for many Colorado cabin properties.

When you’re searching for a mountain home in Colorado, living among the aspen trees where the deer and elk play doesn’t come without snowy winters. Many Colorado cabin communities exist at over 8,000 feet in elevation. Throughout the winter season, it’s not uncommon for snow to accumulate to 6 feet or greater in depth. That is simply too much snow to plow. 

Plowing, however, isn’t a concern if you have a seasonal access vehicle like a snowmobile or a side-by-side with tracks. I just invested in one to help me show mountain properties in the winter (and to traverse the Grand Mesa, of course), and it completely changes the game for mountain property exploration!

2. Proximity to outdoor activities 

While snowmobiling is fun, it might not be the choice activity for everyone searching for a Colorado cabin for sale. There’s plenty of fun to be had in the Colorado mountains during the other seasons too!

Most likely, if you’re looking for a Colorado cabin, you’re an outdoor lover. It’s important to consider where your future property is located in relation to your favorite activities. Love hiking? Find a cabin close to hiking trails. Want to capitalize on hunting season? Make sure your cabin is in or near a the right Game Management Unite or National Forest. Skiing your forte? Colorado has so many ski slopes and Nordic trails, so do your research and pick your favorite to narrow your search for the best mountain cabin location.

3. Charming Colorado cabin community

Many Colorado cabin properties exist in the form of a cabin community. Cabin communities can offer locked gate privacy, national forest or BLM access and other amenities to cabin property owners. 

Cabin communities are often small or large subdivisions with a set of covenants. The restrictions placed on property owners through the covenants may vary drastically from one community to another. Look beyond the immediate benefits that your cabin provides and consider how its community will influence your experience too.

Look for remote Colorado land for sale to find select cabin communities that allow for property owners to access national forest from the subdivision. This perk gives cabin owners the ability to explore thousands of acres for additional mountain recreation.

Colorado cabin properties for sale

Regardless of your definition of a cabin, Colorado is sure to have something for everyone.  If you’re searching for a Colorado cabin property to call your second home, check out our current listings:

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