Is Buying a Colorado Cabin Worth The Investment?

March 25, 2021

Benefits of Owning a Cabin in Colorado

Owning a cabin on the border of a Colorado National Forest is little more than a romantic notion... until it isn't. When you find the perfect log cabin for sale in Colorado, deciding whether or not to pull the purchase trigger becomes a reality. Investing in a cabin is a great decision for those heavily involved in Colorado's recreational activities, looking for a remote escape, or craving a second income from renting. 

Buying a Cabin is a Long-Term Investment

Owning a cabin comes with remarkable ROI potential, especially if the location is superior. Look at cabins for sale near Colorado National Forests because they will almost always appreciate over time. A good location gives you, renters, and future buyers unprecedented access to Colorado's outdoor activities like skiing, hunting, hiking, fishing, and more. 

Additionally, if you treat your cabin as a second home, you can rent it out when you're not using it and generate even more income. Chances are, you'll only use your cabin on weekends or seasonally, so why not let renters offset the cost of maintaining it while you're not there? 

Landlords almost always inflate cabin rental prices for a profit. If you're a frequent mountain escapee, the benefits of cabin ownership outweigh the cost of renting. Plus, then you can be the landlord making all of your money back!

Log Cabin Living is Healthier For You

Even just a weekend escape to your log home in the Colorado mountains can do wonders for your mental and physical health. 

For one, wood is a natural air purifier, so your log home will have better air circulation and healthy humidity. 

Second, the open, peaceful ambiance of being disconnected and surrounded by nature has a very positive effect on your mental health. Your surroundings encourage you to stress less and promote trading tech for recreation and connecting with family, friends, or nature. 

On that note, owning a cabin is linked to a much more active lifestyle. Whether you're in the woods, by a lake, or in the mountains, you're never short of outdoor activities to enjoy instead of unwinding with a TV show and takeout. 

Buy the Right Cabin and Get Your Own, Personal Escape

Imagine if your Colorado cabin wasn't just a log home but on land too. That gives your investment much more value and creates the perfect scenario for a bug-out property. 

One of my current listings, The Saguache Elk Hunting Lodge, is a perfect example. It's an off-grid sustainable cabin situated on 40 acres of land bordering the Gunnison National Forest. The property features solar-powered electricity, shelter for your pack animals, locked gate privacy, and is miles from civilization. The surrounding national forest is abundant with wildlife, and the snowfall/rainwater roof collection system is quite ingenious. Talk about a true Colorado mountain escape!

Don't Overlook Cabins For Sale in Colorado

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us Western Coloradans anything, we developed a better understanding of the value of assets, self-sustainability, and reconnecting with ourselves outside of technology. Those all sound like very compelling reasons to start looking at some Colorado cabins for sale!