Top Qualities in a Successful Ranch Broker

September 14, 2020

A ranch broker needs to bring a certain skillset to the table in order to be successful.

Top Qualities in a Successful Ranch Broker 

I don’t like to think of myself as a real estate agent but rather a real estate marketing professional. Once you get a listing, it’s about identifying buyer personas, creating photos and videos that speak to those personas, and using your digital marketing skills to place that presentation in front of the people who want to see it. 

A successful ranch broker lays the groundwork for the buyer’s journey to closing no matter where they first encounter the property. This is done by placing your listings where the right buyers can find it. Have a fishing property to sell near the Grand Mesa? The right marketing strategy will place the listing where people looking to buy fishing properties can find it.

Here are five things every ranch broker should know about to get quality listings, faster closings, and present better properties. 

1. Ability to Tell the Story

Every property has a story but it’s up to you to find that attribute that takes it from the classifieds to the front page feature. Typically that story is told through photography, video, and a written description. 

You have to highlight what makes the property special and, specifically, what makes it special to certain buyers. For instance, one buyer might be more interested in the floor-to-ceiling windows, while another is hooked on the outdoor space. The challenge is finding a way to lead into the story those specific features for only those specific people.

2. Mapping

Interactive mapping is an essential tool for marketing large tracts of land. Not only does it allow the buyer to see pertinent details about the property, but it also gives buyers and fellow brokers the ability to accurately tour the property through the use of mobile apps.

Interactive maps help buyers learn about the areas surrounding the property that a showing alone cannot, like towns, schools, streets, and neighborhoods. With a single click, buyers can switch map views to digitally explore property features like boundaries, perimeter and cross fencing locations, and improvements like houses, barns, corrals, wellheads, springs, driveways, and trails.

3. The Right Equipment

Often, a large property requires more than just driving up to the front door. 4x4 vehicles, ATVs, Side x Sides, and snow machines can help you give buyers the full experience of what a property has to offer, regardless of the size or season. 

Imagine trying to show or tour a 900-acre hunting property on foot. Short story is, you can’t, even if you spend an entire day on the property. As a buyer, make sure your broker has the equipment necessary to show your property. As a broker, if you plan to sell big ranch or mountain lots, the right equipment is a must. 

4. The Right Platforms

Not all broker websites are optimized for what you are selling. In order to reach the largest number of potential buyers for a property, you must make sure you optimize your property’s reach using a number of digital and social media platforms. 

I stay active on Facebook and engage with my followers to learn more about what kind of properties certain people prefer. That way, when I post a new listing on my website, I already know with whom to share it on Facebook and who will look the other way. 

5. Time Commitment

Listing, marketing, and showing ranch property takes a lot of time. When every listing includes quality photos, videos, copy, and a marketing strategy, a broker is putting in many hours behind the scenes before the listing ever reaches the general public. 

I take the time to learn all of the property attributes (water rights, property boundaries, production history, etc.), and I make a commitment to be present for every showing in order to elevate the property’s story. You can’t expect a buyer or a buyer’s agent to know these things. 

Being a Better Broker

While creating a storyline for every property takes time, equipment, and marketing skills, it’s always worth it. Even if you don’t sell a certain property to a certain buyer you tried to target, you learn more and more about what’s important to your audience to create a stronger storyline the next time around. 

A successful ranch broker knows how to position a property for sale and position his or her personal brand to secure more listings. Make sure your broker is up to the task.