Interests and Small Towns in Delta County, Colorado

August 02, 2022

In Delta County, each town has its own appeal. Let’s explore these small towns in Western Colorado to find one for you.

When I tell people where I live, their face usually looks perplexed, and they usually follow up with the predictable question, “Where is Delta County Colorado?” Despite covering an area 7.5 times the size of the City and County of Denver, most people, even those who live in Colorado, have never heard of this secret gem.

Founded in 1883, Delta County is a beautiful area on the Western Slope of Colorado, sitting at the base of the Grand Mesa, the world’s largest flattop mountain. The county consists of six towns with distinct personalities, amenities, and characteristics - Cedaredge, Crawford, Delta, Hotchkiss, Orchard City, and Paonia.

Delta County’s economy is heavily dependent on the area’s agriculture and real estate industries. Despite covering an area of 1,149 mi², Delta County’s population is a mere 31,196 leaving lots of space for farmland, ranches, and outdoor recreation.

Retirees, nature enthusiasts, ranchers, and families alike all seek out small towns in Colorado for different reasons, and in Delta County, each town has its own appeal. Let’s explore what each small town in Delta County has to offer.

Living in Cedaredge, Colorado

Cedaredge, Colorado is true to its namesake as it sits on the “edge of the cedars” and serves as the “Gateway to the Grand Mesa.” Cedaredge packs a ton of different activities and lifestyles into a population of roughly 2,000, featuring a tiny Main Street with shops and restaurants (including our real estate office), the Cedaredge Golf Club, and access to the Grand Mesa for fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, Nordic skiing, camping, hunting, and more.