Western Colorado Properties For Sale You Didn’t Know Existed

December 19, 2022

Western Colorado is home to unique property types for those who want to live an alternative lifestyle or turn a hobby into a commercial pursuit.

From its mountain ranges to its thriving agricultural economy, Western Colorado is full of surprises. Regarding real estate, the region’s diversity is no different. While you may recognize Western Colorado for its farmland and country houses, it's also home to several unique property types for those who want to live an alternative lifestyle, start a business, or turn a hobby into a commercial pursuit. Below, let’s explore some unique Western Colorado properties for sale.

A Private Airstrip For Sale

If you are an aviation enthusiast, consider investing in a private air park for sale. Although these listings don’t come around every day, they make a great investment and can help you turn your hobby into a business. Private airstrips are especially lucrative investments when you live in a rural area that might not have a regional airport nearby. A private airstrip allows you to not only fly your plane but to offer the same opportunity to other small flights in the area.

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A Geodesic Dome Home For Sale

A geodesic dome home is a structure built in a spherical shape to reflect geodesic polyhedrons. These structures became prominent in the 1950s as an answer to the housing crisis that developed after WWII. While, over the following years, they declined in popularity, geodesic dome homes continue to fascinate architects today. Their benefits include:

  • Energy efficiency – Without walls, air can freely circulate throughout the structure.

  • Resilience – A lower surface area means less exposure to weather and natural elements.

  • Wind resistance – The curved exterior directs wind around the structure.